I help women deal with anxiety, have better relationships, and heal from childhood trauma.


You do not feel good enough. You feel sad and helpless. You find it hard to concentrate or remember things. Overthinking is taking a negative toll on every aspect of your life. You are constantly by yourself avoiding social interactions. Maybe it’s even affecting the quality of your sleep and is causing you to have mood swings. 

You are unhappy about the quality of your relationship with your family, partner or people you spend time with. Perhaps you feel not good enough, out of control with low self-confidence. Maybe you even indulge in risky behaviors such as drinking. You want to improve these relationships and have a more meaningful connection with other people.

Well done for supporting yourself for this long! I understand how much effort it takes to do that because I have been there myself. But you no longer want to live with those painful feelings. You are ready to take back control of your life, heal from the trauma and progress towards enjoying life with all your heart. Seeking a therapist is tough, but it is a vital step you have to take to help you heal, live a full life and enjoy amazing and fulfilling relationships. 

I am here to help. I can help you change your narrative to one of a happy life. A life where you enjoy each day, have quality partners, and even experience improved career and financial opportunities.

Here, you can access:

Individual or group therapy for relationship issues

Therapy for childhood trauma

Counseling for anxiety

Christian counseling


Hello, i’m cassandra ward. 

It gives me great happiness that you are making this decision. My goal is simple, to support you through that journey to a fulfilling life with deep and meaningful relationships.

I am a trained psychotherapist. I have a special interest in helping women better deal with anxiety, work through relationship issues, change unhealthy patterns, improve self-confidence, and heal from childhood trauma such as emotional neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and parental absence.  

Take that first step towards a more wholesome life and healthier relationships now! Get in touch to book your FREE 20-minute consultation. Let us determine the best plan to suit your needs and get you on your way to a better life!

  • I started going to therapy sessions with Cassandra Ward over a year ago. At the time I was going through a very traumatic experience at my job and Cassandra came highly recommended. I was depressed, stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling with anxiety. Cassandra helped me to process my emotions, learn how to find my voice, set healthy boundaries, and manage the toxic environment I was working in. Through our work together, Cassandra helped me to see how the cycles I was going through in my current season were rooted in my experiences as a child. Becoming aware of those unhealthy attachments and cycles have helped me to better understand my behavior and why I respond to different situations in the way that I do. I have gone to therapy at different phases in my life, but I have never had as much breakthrough and noticeable change as I have experienced through working with Cassandra. She really cares about her clients, has a great level of professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. What I appreciate most about Cassandra is that she utilizes her clinical training and pairs it with her Biblical knowledge in our sessions, which gives me the best of both worlds. I highly recommend working with Cassandra. Choosing her to be my therapist was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

    Jordan T.
    Marketing Professional 
    Chicago, IL

  • We worked with Cassandra Ward various times during 2018 and 2019. Initially Cassandra was recommended to work with one of our children to manage the stress and learning challenges he was facing at school. Cassandra immediately gained his trust and ours, gave him a safe place to process and make sense of how his life was being affected by ADHD and most importantly she gave him and us very practical and effective tools for his long-term relational and educational success. Although very effective with children, that is not the limit.  Cassandra has also been very helpful with us each as individuals and in family sessions. As a result we have often recommended her services. I think everyone should have a  Cassandra. Her counseling can be problem focused to help you resolve challenges but she is very life focused as well. Cassandra is great with helping clients; feel empowered and become solutionist and visionaries as they plan for next so they can live their best lives moving forward.
    McNutt Family


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling