About Us


I am here to help you work through those issues.

…I help women deal with anxiety, have better relationships, and heal from childhood trauma.


I know, firsthand, how difficult your experience can be. The difficulty in concentrating, minimizing human interactions, and overthinking. Not to mention the poor sleep and nightmares, feeling of shame and mood swings. I have been there. I struggled with low self-confidence, feeling overwhelmed and really limited myself for many years. But I have also experienced the power of therapy. How it can help deal with excessive worrying and other emotional difficulties that keep you from going after your dreams. This was a tough and painful process. But it was totally worth it. I now experience what is on the other side of that pain. The joy. The contentment. The peace. And I have no doubt that you can get here too.

5 Star Behavioral Services is committed to supporting you to live your best life.

Better living starts with you

It is important to have a good relationship with yourself. Self-compassion and self-love can totally turn your life around and help you achieve so much more. Better relationships, better control over anxiety, improved productivity and even better physical health. But self-love and self-compassion can be a difficult concept to practice. Especially when you have experienced childhood trauma, a difficult relationship, or feel anxious all the time!

I am here to bring you the hope and support you need to become your own first and best friend. Let me help you achieve this and watch EVERYTHING in your life get better.

How Cassandra Can Help You Find You

You’re probably curious about my professional background. I have been a therapist for over 20 years. In this time, I have worked with a wide range of difficulties at various agencies including: 

  • The Women’s Treatment Center
  • SOS Children Villages
  • Community Mental Health Council
  • Erikson Center for Children and Families

But throughout this time, I found that nothing energizes me as much as working with women and helping them heal. This is why I launched into private practice with a focus on offering services to women.

  • counseling for anxiety issues,
  • relationship therapy to help navigate difficult relationships, and 
  • healing therapy for childhood trauma.

After a great deal of research and learning, I have developed very effective ways to help women deal with anxiety, have more fulfilling relationships and heal from childhood trauma. I use a holistic approach that focuses on your body, soul and spirit. This involves a variety of approaches including:

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: a short-term goal-focused evidence-based therapeutic approach. It helps you heal by focusing on solutions for your problems

Attachment Theory: a method focused on the relationships and bonds between people

Psychodynamic Therapy: a model that focuses on uncovering and understanding your feelings at a much deeper level

With my clinical training and experience, as well as graduate work, I will help you enjoy a more robust life. I do not shy away from asking the tough questions after which I provide effective feedback. 

I will guide you through effective journaling to help you process your thoughts even when you are not in therapy. 

I also provide anxiety- and stress-relief techniques to help you through the process if you need them.

My Clinical Experience

I have supported many people to successfully heal from various types of trauma, overcome emotional difficulties and deal with mental health challenges for over 20 years. This hands-on experience, plus my personal experience and theoretical knowledge (outlined below) are all targeted at one goal: supporting you on your journey to a wholesome life. A life where you no longer have to doubt yourself, avoid people or struggle with anxiety. 

  • Master’s degree in Human Services and Counseling from National Lewis University
  • Certificate in Advanced Psychodynamic Fellowship in Clinical Practice, from the University of Chicago
  • Certificate of Acheivement: Understanding Attachment for Professionals: Circle of Security Approach
  • Certified Anger Management Trainer
  • Attended various women mentorship and ministry training workshops
  • Completed the Capstone Curriculum; a Christian training program taught at the seminary level
  • Present community workshops on Understanding Mental Health from a Biblical and Psychological Perspective.

Ready to get to the other side of the painful experience? Get in touch and let’s get you on your way to that full life.